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Fastest buzzers were Stuffed If Barney Knows.

Slowest buzzers were Team Nunya.

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​This week's Music Round was S Groups - all songs by groups whose name start with S.

Name the song titles and the groups performing them.​

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Oh my! What happened to the scores this week?

Glam Avengers took out the win on 80 points - the lowest winning score this year.

This is their 2nd win of the year and 67th win of all time.

Only Glam Avengers and Denny Crane scored more this week than last week.​

​Denny Crane got their highest score of the year.

Conversely, Children Of The Revolution, Team Nunya and Stuffed If Barney Knows got their lowest score of the year.

COTR dropped 22 points on their highest score of the year that they got last week!

The overall average was the lowest for the year.

Nearly every teams' average dropped - one team lost 0.8 points!

The only exceptions were Glam Avengers whose average stayed the same and Denny Crane and The Prancers who increased their averages.

Check it out on the Team Stats page.

On the yearly leaderboard, Betty Swallows are now tied with Children Of The Revolution in 2nd position behind Team Nunya.

The highest score in the Jackpot Round was 2 out of 5 by Glam Avengers, Children Of The Revolution, Team Nunya and Stuffed If Barney Knows.

They will each receive a Bonus Point at next Superquiz.