Unlike Season 4, where the lead changed 9 times, in Season 5's Jackpot Round it changed just once.

4 teams shared the lead after Question 1, then 3 of them dropped off and it was Pink Bits all the way!

Once Pink Bits got clear of the pack, it was plain sailing all the way to the Grand Jackpot.

This is clearly obvious in the graph below. 

(Of course it helped that he got 10 out of 12 questions correct!)

The main battles were for the Major and Minor Jackpots.

4 teams (Ita Buttcheeks, Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang, Stuffed If Barney Knows and Betty Swallows) held 2nd place at various times.

But once it got to Question 9, Betty Swallows broke away from everyone else and held 2nd place until the end.

Although Pink Bits got Question 9 wrong, Betty Swallows couldn't catch him as he was too far in front by then.

Betty Swallows was the only team to get the last 4 questions correct.

5 teams (the same 4 as above plus Glam Avengers) held 3rd place during the round.

Glam Avengers hit a bit of a slump at Question 5 and, despite a resurgence at Questions 11 & 12, they ended up in 10th place.

Ita Buttcheeks were in 3rd place at Questions 3 & 4 and then again briefly at Question 9.

Unfortunately, 3 incorrect answers in a row saw them taper off to finish in 7th place.

As Betty Swallows tootled off into 2nd place, Stuffed If Barney Knows and Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang were left fighting it out for 3rd.

At Question 9, SIBK were in 4th place, while CCBB were narrowly hanging on to 6th.

Of the final 3 questions, CCBB got 2 right and 1 wrong, while SIBK got 1 right and 2 wrong.

It was enough for Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang to take out 3rd place - by just 19 points!

​Both CCBB and SIBK got Question 12 wrong - all SIBK had to do is take about 4.5 seconds longer to answer Q12 and they would have nabbed 3rd place!

Notable and Notorious Benchmarks

Pink Bits achieved both the highest average score for a correct question and the highest average penalty for an incorrect question.

​The lowest average score for a correct answer was by Sunboyz.

The lowest average penalty for an incorrect answer was by Stuffed If Barney Knows.

Most points for a correct answer - 986 points - Sunboyz (Q5 - the Lalo Schifrin question)

Least points for a correct answer - 559 points - Betty Swallows (Q12 - the Twelfth Night Theatre question)

Highest penalty for an incorrect answer - 241 points - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang (Q7 - the Roy Emerson Arena question)

Lowest penality for an incorrect answer - 121 points - Stuffed If Barney Knows (Q2 - the Nelophobia question)

Denny Crane achieved a couple of firsts in a Superquiz Season Final Jackpot Round -

  • The least number of questions correct (1)
  • The first team to finish the round with a negative score

Score Correction

The score for The Prancers is different to that shown on the final scoreboard on Season Final night.

On reviewing the results, I discovered an anomaly in the score calculation.

Correcting this resulted in an increase in The Prancers' score, putting them in 6th place, just 1 point ahead of Sunboyz!

The Jackpot winners did not change and no other teams' scores were affected.

According to the quiz software's log file, I manually changed The Prancers' score from 881 to 0 after Question 1.

I DID NOT change their score!

This is the 2nd time this dodgy bug has occurred and I still have no idea why.

It has only ever occurred in Jackpot Rounds, which are the only rounds where points and penalties decrease over time.

Once again I have emailed the company that provides the software and hopefully they can provide an explanation.

I would like this fixed before it ends up affecting who wins the Jackpots.

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18th December 2018

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