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11 teams competed in the Season 5 Final Jackpot Round.

The average number of questions correctly answered was 6.92 out of 12.

Every team got Question 1 correct. (Who succeeded Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister?)

It was the first and only time that happened!

Stuffed If Barney Knows were the fastest on Question 1, starting off the Jackpot Round on 961 points.

Pink Bits was a measly 0.058‬ seconds behind them, gaining 960 points.​ 

Question 2 then saw Pink Bits disappear off the radar for a bit, letting Children Of The Revolution make their sole appearance in the top 2.

It was then "The Rubble Show" for the next 5 questions, as Betty and Barney were the only teams occupying the top 2 places.

Stuffed If Barney Knows held onto 1st place for Questions 3 and 4, with Betty Swallows hot on their heels in 2nd place, less than 200 points behind.

They swapped positions at Question 5, remaining in those positions until Stuffed If Barney Knows dropped to 3rd at Question 8.

Stuffed If Barney Knows dropped a further place at Question 9 and that's where they stayed until the end.

Betty Swallows continued their dream run - they answered the first 10 questions correctly.

At Question 10 they had an almost insurmountable lead - 2349 points.

But quietly planning their moves in the background were Team Nunya and Pink Bits, sitting in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

4 teams answered Question 11 incorrectly. (Which singer holds the record for performing the most times at Madison Square Garden?)

Betty Swallows were one of them - Pink Bits and Team Nunya weren't.

Consequently, Betty's lead over Team Nunya decreased to 1325 points, with Pink Bits a further 728 points behind in 3rd place. 

Pink Bits and Glam Avengers were the only teams to answer Question 12 correctly. (Which African country became a member of OPEC in June 2018?)

This was Pink Bits' lowest-scoring correct answer - 582 points.

However, it was also Betty Swallows' lowest penalty - the incorrect answer only cost them 67 points.

​It was also the lowest penalty that Team Nunya got for an incorrect answer - 150 points.

Going into the final question, Pink Bits was 728 points behind Team Nunya.

Adding the 582 points for getting Q12 correct to the 150 points that Team Nunya lost, meant that Pink Bits gained 732 points on Team Nunya.
That was enough (just!) to promote Pink Bits into 2nd place, winning the $100 Minor Jackpot.

Betty Swallows ended up 1404 points in front and took out the $300 Major Jackpot.

​They are the first team to get the all of the Top 4 achievements in a Season Final Jackpot Round.

The Top 4 are Highest Score,​ Most Questions Correct, Highest Average Score per Correct Answer and Lowest Average Penalty per Incorrect Answer.

See the Scoreboard below for details.

Notable and Notorious Benchmarks

Highest average score for a correct answer - Betty Swallows

Lowest average score for a correct answer - Sunboyz

Highest average penalty for an incorrect answer - Glam Avengers

Lowest average penalty for an incorrect answer - Betty Swallows

Most points for a correct answer - 987 points - Pink Bits (Q8 - What is the nickname of New Zealand's national men's basketball team?)

Fewest points for a correct answer - 526 points - Denny Crane (Q10 - How many different people have been Prime Minister of Australia in the 21st century?) 

Highest penalty for an incorrect answer - 239 points - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang​ (Q4 - What is the chemical symbol for manganese?)

Lowest penalty for an incorrect answer - 57 points -  Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang​ ​(Q5 - Is "Smooth" by Santana featuring Rob Thomas or by Rob Thomas feat. Santana?")