10 teams competed in the Season 1 Final Jackpot Round.

The average number of questions correctly answered was 6.7 out of 12.

Every team got Questions 1 and 2 correct.

That didn't happen again for the remainder of the Jackpot Round.

It was a 5-way tie answering Question 1.

5 teams answered in 2.146 seconds.

They were spread throughout the room, proving that distance from the stage doesn't matter when it comes to buzzing in.

For Questions 2 and 3, Betty Swallows and Stuffed If Barney Knows held 1st and 2nd places respectively.​

Pink Bits grabbed 1st place on Question 4, with Glam Avengers in 2nd place.

They would have remained in those positions for the rest of the quiz if only they had answered Question 6 correctly. (Damn you Hypnos!)

This allowed Ita Buttcheeks to swoop into 1st place, while Coitus Ignoramus moved into 2nd place.

But they didn't remain there for long!

Pink Bits and Glam Avengers regained the top 2 places on Question 6 and that is where they stayed for the rest of the quiz.

As you can see in the first graph below, once they got back into the Top 2 places, no other team came near them until the final question.

Pink Bits got it right, but Glam Avengers got it wrong.

Ita Buttcheeks tried to catch them and got Question 12 right!

They almost stole 2nd spot from Glam Avengers, falling just 20 points short.

If Ita Buttcheeks had buzzed in on Question 12 just 1 second earlier, they probably would have got 2nd place.

Additionally, Ita Buttcheeks answered the same number of questions as Pink Bits.

Their slower answering speed meant that they ended up behind Glam Avengers, even though they answered more questions correctly.

Glam Avengers might have won if they didn't get the final question wrong!
You can see how close they were from Question 7 onwards in the second graph below.

Pink Bits took out the $400 Major Jackpot.​

Glam Avengers won the $150 Minor Jackpot.

Notable and Notorious Benchmarks

Highest average score for a correct answer - Glam Avengers

Lowest average score for a correct answer - Coitus Ignoramus

Highest average penalty for an incorrect answer - Pink Bits

Lowest average penalty for an incorrect answer - Coitus Ignoramus

Most points for a correct answer - 988 points - Pink Bits (Q3 - In which of his plays do we see Shakespeare's Bottom?)

Fewest points for a correct answer - 252 points - Denny Crane (Q4 - Of which African country is Gitega the capital?) 

Highest penalty for an incorrect answer - 243 points - Pink Bits​ (Q11 - How many chemical elements get their names from the Swedish village of Ytterby?)

Lowest penalty for an incorrect answer - 57 points -  Coitus Ignoramus​ ​(Q10 - "Who plays Christopher Pike on the TV series "Star Trek: Discovery"?)


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