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12 teams competed in the Season 3 Final Jackpot Round.

Victorians and Where's Wally were ineligible to win the Major Jackpot as they had not competed at at least one other Superquiz during Season 3.

Every team got Question 1 correct and rightly so, seeing as it was the week's Web Question.

Ita Buttcheeks were leading after Question 1, answering in the fastest time for any question in the round - 0.858 seconds!

The Prancers were in 2nd place, answering in 0.923 seconds.

Unfortunately, 6 teams fell into the speed trap on Question 2, answering Boris Johnston instead of Boris Johnson for the British Prime Minister.

(Just to be different, Children Of The Revolution answered Boris Johnstone!)

Sunboyz were now in the lead and Stuffed If Barney Knows were coming 2nd.

Sunboyz held onto 1st for one more question while Stuffed If Barney Knows held onto 2nd for two more.

The top 2 places changed four more times up to Question 9 - see the chart at the bottom of the page.

From Question 9 to Question 11, 1st and 2nd places were held by Children Of The Revolution and Team Nunya respectively.​

Where's Wally were sitting in 3rd place, just 43 points behind Team Nunya.

​No other team was close enough to grab 1st place, however Sunboyz and Ita Buttcheeks were in theoretical striking distance of 2nd place.

Of the 3 teams who were in contention to finish in 1st place at Question 12, only Where's Wally got the final question correct.

(In fact, there were the only team at all to get Question 12 correct!)

This was enough to push them into 1st place on 7674 points.

​COTR were pushed down to 2nd place and Team Nunya into 3rd place.

However, due to Where's Wally being ineligible to win the Major Jackpot, COTR was awarded the $300 prize.

Where's Wally had to be content with the $100 Minor Jackpot.

Jackpot winners Children Of The Revolution and Where's Wally answered the same number of questions correctly - 9 out of 12.

Stuffed If Barney Knows and Victorians answered the fewest questions correctly - 4 out of 12 each.

The average correctly answered was 6.75 out of 12.


Notable and Notorious Benchmarks

Highest average score for a correct answer - Stuffed If Barney Knows (pity there weren't that many of them)

Lowest average score for a correct answer - Denny Crane

Highest average penalty for an incorrect answer - Glam Avengers

Lowest average penalty for an incorrect answer -  Sunboyz

Most points for a correct answer - 986 points - Ita Buttcheeks (Q1 - "Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple")

Fewest points for a correct answer - 265 points - Denny Crane (Q8 - Principal Skinner's allergy) 

Highest penalty for an incorrect answer - 248 points - Where's Wally (Q2 - British P.M.)

Lowest penalty for an incorrect answer - 65 points - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang (Q6 - "The First Lady of Radio")