Unlike Season 5 last year, where Pink Bits took the lead at Question 2 and never looked back, this time it took a bit longer.

Children Of The Revolution were in the lead at Question 1 and then that was it for them.

Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang led from Question 2 to Question 4, with Pink Bits in 2nd place.

Pink Bits grabbed the lead at Question 5 and then, despite getting 2 questions wrong, it was plain sailing all the way to the Major Jackpot.

Like the previous Season Final, Pink Bits got 10 out of 12 questions correct.

However, Pink Bits' final score was down 86 points on his previous Season Final score.

The main battle was for the Minor Jackpot.

After Pink Bits zoomed ahead, Cheaty Bang Bang held onto 2nd place until Stuffed If Barney Knows stole it from them at Question 7.

Stuffed If Barney Knows stayed there for just one more question, then unfortunately got the last 4 questions wrong, ending up in 6th place.

Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang were back in 2nd place at Question 9.

But lurking in the shadows was Glam Avengers.

​They had a run of 6 consecutive questions correct and grabbed 2nd place at Question 10.

2nd place was then locked in as every team (except Pink Bits) got the final 2 questions wrong.

If any of the lower-placed teams had gotten one (or both) of the final 2 questions correct, there could have been a different final result.

Consequently, the Minor Jackpot went to Glam Avengers who ended up with 8 out of 12 questions correct.

Notable and Notorious Benchmarks

Highest average score for a correct answer - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang

Lowest average score for a correct answer - Betty Swallows

Highest average penalty for an incorrect answer - The Queens In The Corner

Lowest average penalty for an incorrect answer - Stuffed If Barney Knows

Most points for a correct answer - 980 points - Pink Bits  (Q2) (In which country was Elton John's husband David Furnish born?) 

                                                                         - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang (Q2)

​                                                                         - Ita Buttcheeks (Q2)

Least points for a correct answer - 531 points - Betty Swallows (Q10) (James Hetfield is the lead singer of which group?)

Highest penalty for an incorrect answer - 242 points - Betty Swallows (Q3) (Jacinda Ardern is what number female Prime Minister of New Zealand?)

                                                                                    - Sunboyz (Q3)

Lowest penalty for an incorrect answer - 60 points - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang (Q10)



26th March 2019

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