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12 teams competed in the Season 2 Fnal Jackpot Round - the team named Bang Bang did not stay for the Jackpot Round.

Team Nunya started out in the way they wanted to finish - they were in 1st place for the first 2 questions.

Unfortunately they disappeared into the wilderness after that.

Glam Avengers took the lead at Question 3 and held it until Question 7.

They dropped down to 3rd place from Question 8 until Question 11.

Ita Buttcheeks held 2nd place from Question 4 until Question 7.

They moved into 1st place at Question 8, with Children Of the Revolution in 2nd place.

The two teams swapped places at Question 9 and then swapped back at Question 10.

There they remained at Question 11 - Ita in 1st and COTR in 2nd.

Of the 4 teams who were in contention to win a Jackpot at Question 12, only Glam Avengers and Stuffed If Barney Knows got the final question correct.

Ita was far enough in front to hang on to 1st place (just) and win the $350 Major Jackpot.

​Glam Avengers jumped into 2nd place and took out the $100 Minor Jackpot for the 2nd time in a row.

Stuffed If Barney Knows moved into 3rd place, relegating COTR to 4th place.

If only Glam Avengers had answered a little quicker or COTR had got Question 12 right, they could have been the team taking out the Major Jackpot.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda!

Ita Buttcheeks, Glam Avengers and Stuffed If Barney Knows all answered 9 out of 12 questions correctly.

The average correctly answered was 5.67 out of 12.


Notable and Notorious Benchmarks

Denny Crane set a new record lowest score in a Season Final Jackpot Round (-369 points).

Their score was negative for most of the round, bottoming out at -1058 points at Question 5.

However, they did break into the positive region once to be +61 at Question 10.

Highest average score for a correct answer - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang (for the 2nd time in a row)

Lowest average score for a correct answer - Sunboyz

Highest average penalty for an incorrect answer - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang

Lowest average penalty for an incorrect answer - Betty Swallows

Most points for a correct answer - 986 points - Children Of The Revolution

                                                                           (Q4) (Kellyville, North Kellyville and Kellyville Ridge are all suburbs of which Australian capital city?) 

Fewest points for a correct answer - 538 points - Team Nunya

                                                                           (Q11) (Which Australian Prime Minister officially opened Tullamarine Airport?)

Highest penalty for an incorrect answer - 241 points - Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang

                                                                                      (Q10) (Which country will host the 2028 Olympic Games?)

                                                                                    - Denny Crane

                                                                                      (Q12) (In which year did Cadbury's Boost first go on sale to the public?)?

Lowest penalty for an incorrect answer - 126 points - Betty Swallows

                                                                                     (Q5) (Which animal appears on the state flag of Illinois?)